• Box-office du Regent de Portsmouth - 1937

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      Semaine du Films
    (en cas de programme multiple, le premier titre est celui du film vedette de la semaine)
    Réalisateur du film vedette Stars du film vedette Entrées
      2-janv.-37 Show Boat/ (Show Boat/) James Whale Irene Dunne, Allan Jones, Paul Robeson, Charles Winninger  23 293 
      9-janv.-37 Anthony Adverse/ (Anthony Adverse, marchand d'esclaves/) Mervyn LeRoy, Michael Curtiz Olivia de Havilland, Anita Louise, Fredric March, Donald Woods  20 538 
      16-janv.-37 Dodsworth/AU One Night (Jeunesse perdue/AU One Night) William Wyler Mary Astor, Ruth Chatterton, Walter Huston, Paul Lukas  13 831 
      23-janv.-37 Windbag the Sailor/Snowed Under William Beaudine Will Hay, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Norma Varden  19 324 
      30-janv.-37 San Francisco/ (San Francisco/) W.S. Van Dyke Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Jack Holt, Jeanette MacDonald  25 000 
      6-févr.-37 His Lordship/G-Man}s Wife Herbert Mason George Arliss, Romilly Lunge, Rene Ray, Jessie Winter  17 413 
      13-févr.-37 Ramona/Ticket to Paradise (Ramona/Qui suis-je?) Henry King Don Ameche, Pauline Frederick, Kent Taylor, Loretta Young  18 342 
      20-févr.-37 Keep Your Seats, Please!/Dizzy Dames Monty Banks Florence Desmond, George Formby, Gus McNaughton, Alastair Sim  17 016 
      27-févr.-37 Piccadilly Jim/ (Jim l'excentrique/) Robert Z. Leonard Eric Blore, Madge Evans, Robert Montgomery, Frank Morgan  13 912 
      6-mars-37 O.H.M.S./Women Are Trouble (O.H.M.S./Women Are Trouble) Raoul Walsh Grace Bradley, Wallace Ford, Anna Lee, John Mills  17 161 
      13-mars-37 The Devil Is a Sissy/Song in Soho (Au seuil de la vie/Song in Soho) W.S. Van Dyke, Rowland Brown Freddie Bartholomew, Mickey Rooney, Jackie Cooper, Ian Hunter  12 946 
      20-mars-37 Sabotage/Corne Closer Folks (Agent secret/Corne Closer Folks) Alfred Hitchcock Oskar Homolka, John Loder, Sylvia Sidney, Desmond Tester  10 947 
      27-mars-37 Pigskin Parade/Mad Holiday (Parade du football/Mad Holiday) David Butler Stuart Erwin, Jack Haley, Patsy Kelly, The Yacht Club Boys  11 931 
      3-avr.-37 Libeled Lady/ (Une fine mouche/) Jack Conway Spencer Tracy, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, William Powell  19 572 
      10-avr.-37 Give Me Your Heart/One For Ail Archie Mayo George Brent, Kay Francis, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Roland Young  13 955 
      17-avr.-37 Head Over Heels/15 Maiden Lane (/L'audacieuse) Sonnie Hale Louis Borel, Whitney Bourne, Robert Flemyng, Jessie Matthews  15 273 
      24-avr.-37 Tarzan Escapes/Fugitive in the Sky (Tarzan s'évade/Fugitive in the Sky) Richard Thorpe, John Farrow, James C. McKay, George B. Seitz, William A. Wellman Maureen O'Sullivan, John Buckler, Benita Hume, Johnny Weissmuller  17 703 
      1-mai-37 The Great Barrier/King of the Ice Rink (La grande barrière/King of the Ice Rink) Milton Rosmer, Geoffrey Barkas Richard Arlen, Antoinette Cellier, Roy Emerton, Barry MacKay  12 498 
      8-mai-37 Cain and Mabel/ (Caïn et Mabel/) Lloyd Bacon Clark Gable, Walter Catlett, Marion Davies, Allen Jenkins, Roscoe Karns  12 631 
      15-mai-37 Good Morning, Boys/The Lady Reporter Marcel Varnel Peter Gawthorne, Will Hay, Martita Hunt, Graham Moffatt  20 658 
      22-mai-37 Crack-Up/Country Bumpkin (Sous le masque/Country Bumpkin) Malcolm St. Clair Peter Lorre, Brian Donlevy, Ralph Morgan, Helen Wood  13 093 
      29-mai-37 Champagne Waltz/Full Coronation Film (Champagne valse/Full Coronation Film) A. Edward Sutherland Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Gladys Swarthout, Veloz  13 363 
      5-juin-37 Great Guy/Sinner Takes AU (Le brave Johnny/Sinner Takes AU) John G. Blystone James Cagney, Edward Brophy, James Burke, Mae Clarke  9 907 
      12-juin-37 Three Smart Girls/Love Letters of a Star (Trois jeunes filles à la page/Love Letters of a Star) Henry Koster Ray Milland, Binnie Barnes, Alice Brady, Charles Winninger  13 821 
      19-juin-37 The Plainsman/Starlight Parade (Une aventure de Buffalo Bill/Starlight Parade) Cecil B. DeMille Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, Charles Bickford, James Ellison  17 417 
      26-juin-37 Dangerous Number/Mind Your Business Richard Thorpe Robert Young, Reginald Owen, Ann Sothern, Cora Witherspoon  7 878 
      3-juil.-37 John Meade's Woman/Espionage (Deux femmes/Espionnage) Richard Wallace Edward Arnold, George Bancroft, Francine Larrimore, Gail Patrick  11 759 
      10-juil.-37 A Family Affair/Once a Doctor George B. Seitz Lionel Barrymore, Mickey Rooney, Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker  11 747 
      17-juil.-37 Calling All Stars/Flying Hostess (/Ein pleine bourrasque) Herbert Smith    12 182 
      24-juil.-37 The Jungle Princess/Café Colette (Hula, fille de la brousse/Café Colette) Wilhelm Thiele Ray Milland, Dorothy Lamour, Lynne Overman, Akim Tamiroff  13 357 
      31-juil.-37 Stowaway/Off to the Races (Tchin-Tchin/Off to the Races) William A. Seiter Shirley Temple, Robert Young, Alice Faye, Eugene Pallette  21 476 
      7-août-37 O-Kay For Sound/Smart Blondes Marcel Varnel Chesney Allen, Bud Flanagan, Teddy Knox, Jimmy Nervo  11 066 
      14-août-37 Lloyds of London/ (Lloyds de Londres/) Henry King Tyrone Power, Freddie Bartholomew, Madeleine Carroll, Guy Standing  16 874 
      21-août-37 Take My Tip/Beware of Ladies Herbert Mason Frank Cellier, Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Harold Huth  16 346 
      28-août-37 Camille/West End Frolics (Le roman de Marguerite Gautier/West End Frolics) George Cukor Lionel Barrymore, Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Allan  17 191 
      4-sept.-37 Wings of the Morning/Woman in Distress (La baie du destin/Woman in Distress) Harold D. Schuster, Glenn Tryon Henry Fonda, Annabella, Leslie Banks, Stewart Rome  20 085 
      11-sept.-37 Seventh Heaven/The Gap (L'heure suprême/The Gap) Henry King James Stewart, Jean Hersholt, Gregory Ratoff, Simone Simon  12 963 
      18-sept.-37 King Solomon's Mines/Her Husband's Secretary (Les mines du Roi Salomon/Her Husband's Secretary) Geoffrey Barkas, Robert Stevenson Cedric Hardwicke, John Loder, Paul Robeson, Roland Young  23 980 
      25-sept.-37 The Prince and the Pauper/ (Le prince et le pauvre/) William Dieterle, William Keighley Errol Flynn, Claude Rains, Barton MacLane, Henry Stephenson  13 197 
      2-oct.-37 This Is My Affair/Midnight Court (Sa dernière chance/Midnight Court) William A. Seiter Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor, Brian Donlevy, Victor McLaglen  15 844 
      9-oct.-37 Born to Dance/ (L'amiral mène la danse/) Roy Del Ruth James Stewart, Eleanor Powell, Virginia Bruce, Una Merkel  15 934 
      16-oct.-37 Lost Horizon/ (Horizons perdus/) Frank Capra Edward Everett Horton, Ronald Colman, John Howard, Jane Wyatt  20 939 
      23-oct.-37 When You're in Love/ (Le coeur en fête/) Robert Riskin, Harry Lachman Cary Grant, Aline MacMahon, Grace Moore, Henry Stephenson  11 777 
      30-oct.-37 The Road Back/Midnight Taxi (Après/Un taxi dans la nuit) James Whale Richard Cromwell, Andy Devine, John 'Dusty' King, Slim Summerville  17 410 
      6-nov.-37 Maytime/ (Le chant du printemps/) Robert Z. Leonard John Barrymore, Herman Bing, Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald  15 641 
      13-nov.-37 The Frog/Step Lively Jeeves Jack Raymond Noah Beery, Richard Ainley, Vivian Gaye, Jack Hawkins  18 956 
      20-nov.-37 As Good As Married/California Straight Ahead (J'arrange le fisc/Californie... en avant!) Edward Buzzell Tala Birell, John Boles, Doris Nolan, Walter Pidgeon  9 040 
      27-nov.-37 The Emperor's Candlesticks/ (Le secret des chandeliers/) George Fitzmaurice Maureen O'Sullivan, William Powell, Robert Young, Luise Rainer  13 177 
      4-déc.-37 The Hit Parade/Who’s Your Lady menue  Gus Meins Edward Brophy, Frances Langford, Phil Regan, Max Terhune  8 219 
      11-déc.-37 Parnell/ (Un grand tribun/) John M. Stahl Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, Edmund Gwenn, Edna May Oliver  7 427 
      18-déc.-37 Wake Up and Live/Think Fast Mr Moto (Fantôme Radiophonique/Think Fast Mr Moto) Sidney Lanfield Ben Bernie, Alice Faye, Patsy Kelly, Walter Winchell  11 864 
      25-déc.-37 Love is News/ (L'Amour en première page/) Tay Garnett Tyrone Power, Don Ameche, Slim Summerville, Loretta Young  5 910 


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